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The new art of competition at the Winter Golf Cup in Crans-Montana

Winter Golf Cup in Crans-Montana
Crans-Montana is famous around the world for being the sunniest plateau in all the Alps, for its snowy slopes and beautiful hiking trails among the fir trees, for its festive and cosmopolitan ambiance, and, undeniably, for its golf courses.

The BARNES real estate agency in Crans-Montana, an expert in luxury property in and around the destination, is proud to partner with one of the most exceptional events in the golf world: the Winter Golf Cup.

You won’t have to wait for the flowers to bloom to dust off your clubs. Golfing is just as fun in the wintertime, and perhaps even more challenging. Sporting a different look, the competition’s orange ball (white on white can get a little complicated) and specialized shoes makes for an extraordinary experience in Crans-Montana.

An iconic competition open to all with a minimum index of 36, the second edition of the Winter Golf Cup was held in Crans-Montana from January 31st to February 3rd, 2019. The one and only Maria Verchenova, the #1 golfer in Russia and Olympic record holder in Rio, is an ambassador for the event.

The strength of any golfer can be determined by their ability to adapt to any terrain, such as the 9-hole Jack Niklaus golf course when it’s covered in a beautiful white blanket of snow. Greens transformed into white, as powdery snow became a lateral water hazard and golfers embraced the new sound of golf balls struck around the course.

It was superb: 3 competitions in 3 days, taking place in an idyllic setting with breathtaking views of the Alps. Of course, the sun was shining, along with many celebrities, foodies, and golf enthusiasts.

The event was created by Philippe Guilhem, a childhood friend of Michelin-starred chef Frank Reynaud of the Hostellerie du Pas de l’Ours, with the support of the Bestenheider family and partners such as the BARNES Crans-Montana real estate agency, a leading facilitator of luxury real estate in Crans-Montana.

Crans-Montana is alive year round, in summer and winter, sprinkled with events and festivities. The elegant clientele appreciates its luxury hotels, spas, restaurants, and boutiques, as well as the incomparably chic and lively atmosphere. Boredom in Crans-Montana simply does not exist.

High-end chalets and residences also offer luxury services to demanding Swiss and international residents, including those from Geneva and Lausanne who have access to this magical environment every weekend. Paradise for a second home.